Processors & Specialty Foods

specialty foods - milk, cheese

Finding your way to information and resources you need can be difficult when you are a food processor. Where you go depends on your product, your process, and your facility.

If you… Then, go here.
want to start a food processing business
need information on labeling


make juice or cider
are a farmer and process jams, jellies, pickles, acidified foods, honey and maple syrup
process seafood
want to process milk, cheese or other dairy products
need to register your facility with FDA
want to know more about the Food Safety  Modernization Act
slaughter or process meat and poultry
 slaughter or process non-amenable meats and birds (FDA is responsible for bison, rabbits, game animals, zoo animals and all members of the deer family including elk (wapiti) and moose and wild turkeys, wild ducks, and wild geese)
process poultry under an FSIS exemption
need to find a laboratory to test well water or food laboratories