Food Service & Retail


Foodservice establishments such as restaurants, school lunch, community meals programs, food trucks, and caterers and retail establishments such as grocery stores, delis and supermarkets are often the last stop a food travels before reaching the consumer. A commitment to food safety starts with information and training regarding sanitation, personal hygiene, how food makes people sick, safe preparation, cooking, cooling, holding and reheating, etc.

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want to find regulations relating to foodservice/retail
want to open or manage a restaurant, commercial kitchen, or catering business
want to be an itinerant vendor or run a food truck
want to open or manage a bakery
want to open or manage a deli or food store
want to open or manage a butcher shop
want to become a Qualified Food Operator
are running a community food event, food booth at a fair or other temporary event
need to write a HACCP plan for foodservice
are a school lunch program and you need to write a HACCP plan
need information on sanitation
want to make and sell canned or processed items in your commercial kitchen, retail or foodservice operation