How is the Produce Safety Rule Implemented in Connecticut?

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture (DoAg) is the produce inspection authority in Connecticut.

The Department has implemented regulations and procedures for the inspection program. The Produce Safety Rule does not cover farms selling a three year average of $34,278 or less of covered produce. This sales number is determined using the inflation tool. The regulatory limit on farms that are not covered by the Regulation is based on inflation of the original $25,000 regulatory limit since 2011.

Registration of Farms

While Registration is optional for farms not covered under the Rule, all other farms MUST register their farms via the Connecticut eLicense website. All of the information regarding farm registration and fruit and vegetable farm inspection, including exemptions, is available on the CT DoAg Fruit and Vegetable Inspection Program webpage. You will also find a decision tool to help you determine if you are covered by the Rule or if you qualify for an exemption.

If you grow fruits and vegetables for sale, contact The Connecticut Department of Agriculture Produce Safety team at or call 860.713.2522.  You can also visit their Fruit and Vegetable Inspection Program webpage.